Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Restoring beauty

Happy new year to all of you!

The first day of 2014 is a good moment to post again, it has been a while! Being pregnant and working ate all my energy. Boy, i do respect other mommy-to-be's…... But now maternity leave sort of started and i can really enjoy the prospect of becoming a mother. It is a amazing feeling, still can not believe it. I have tons of ideas of little projects i want to make for the nursery, but focus now on resting a bit and finish my master thesis. Slowly i will grow into motherhood, i guess…..

With the upcoming baby, I am not the only one who is feeling restless; my love really wants to finish the Big House Project and is working non stop indoor to make our home perfect for our family life. He is making the most beautiful things of old wood. I really love old wood, with all this marks of the past and layers of paint. It has his own soul and is perfect for nesting new beautiful experiences and memories. 
I can not wait!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Joy of finding a new source of inspiration

It is raining and storming in our little Dutch frog country, so perfect for a Disciplined Working Day Master Thesis. While sitting at my desk top, love is making beautiful things of old recycled wood one floor down. Dog is lying next to me, on top of a big pile of clothes i am halfway sorting, a little candle light is burning next to me along side a cup of hot spicy tea....I am feeling happy!

When taking a break, i find this beautiful blog on the web from Junkaholique. While scrolling across this blog of the English Artemis Russell (a jewellery designer) i get so inspired. Love her style and the way she makes sphere in a her new home. Favorite is the new room she made for her little girl, with all those self made details (like felt animals on the wall).
The pics below all come from Junkaholique, what a joy to find new inspiration, thanx for sharing Artemis!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend starter: Nobel's Bread (Dordrecht)

Just behind our house in the center of the historic part of hometown Dordrecht (nearby the old Church) there is this new beautiful bakery called Nobel's Bread. They make really special bread you can smell miles away! They also serve fair trade, biological and local products. Today my fall holiday started and to celebrate, my love and i went for breakfast at Nobel's Bread. I love the interior of this old building, with old details and a serene color palette. Inspiration for the nursery room, another project that we soon have to start because i am now almost 25 weeks pregnant!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just being Home

With this Little One in my belly I am so happy just being home. I love to be a lecturer, to teach and interact with students, to do some curriculum innovation...but with this on going nausea it is
so nice to have calm weekend & sit at the couch doing nothing! At the moment, Apples are irreplaceable (oh boy, that is Super Food! Do not dare to go anywhere without an apple in my pocket) and i am enjoying little packet's from sweet moms who sell stuff through Marktplaats (our Dutch E-bay). It is a Green & affordable way to buy Fairtrade Organic baby-clothes from beautiful brands like the Swedish Sture and Lisa, the Danish Katvig and the Dutch Imps-elfs. And the bonus is to get in contact with attentive women- it is way better than buying in a store! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Don't worry about a thing.....

Because everything will be all right

- Bob Marley-

Dear all,

It has been quit some time since i posted on this blog. Well, I needed all my energy for daily live- there was so much going on. Good things i must say! After all those years i'm pregnant..... i can not describe how i feel. Something like "Kicking and Alive, with this Little One (tomorrow 20 weeks!) in my belly". I am so thankful, and i lovelovelove being pregnant. Can not wait for this new adventure of motherhood!
Left side: you can see a bit of the ( 2 century old!) wooden sliding door behind our bed, where i keep my clothes.
The Dots in a little corner, combined with the Woods wallpaper from Cole and Son (has been years on my wish list!).

The old chimney with my beloved painting from Granny and the pregnancy chain, a gift from one from one of my best friends when she found out about Little One. 

So i hope this first post since means a new beginning at this blog. I hope i will be able to keep sharing my excitement and happy moments in upcoming life. For a start, here are some pics from our new bedroom, made by my love with recycled materials from our old little canal house. Because of the nausea in the first 16 weeks i spent a lot of time in my bed, but the delicate atmosphere made it a real nice place to be. Although it is not yet finished, it is already perfect to me.

Hope to be back here soon!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We have a new King, Hurray!
The picture below is our King when he was a little boy. It is made by Studio Sjoe Sjoe (reblogged-is that a word?- from Jurianne).

We got up early to stroll at the freemarket with friends in our home town Dordrecht. Love the atmosphere on this special day, everybody is happy and making fun! 

 Afterwards we ate pie at my new (old) plates, love them!